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Miss CMEN Queen Contest

Miss CMEN Queen 2015 Todd with other contestantsOne of the more fun events of the week is the selection and crowning of Miss CMEN Queen.

At West Coast Gathering 2016 Mo W, from Las Vegas, was crowned Miss CMEN Queen 2016. First Runner-up was Chance F, from Pacific Grove, CA. Second runner up was Dave V, from Cathedral City, CA. Jeff C. was the Mistress of Ceremonies once again.

Contestants dress in their "best dresses" and compete on-stage against each other based on their ensemble and they choose to perform either a talent number or responses to questions. Their speaking ability and personality are also part of judging.

Although the CMEN West Coast Gathering is an all nude event, participants who wish to express their more feminine side may elect to dress in women's accessories or dresses for the Wednesday afternoon social hour, which in 2015 had the theme "Divas on Parade" and for the evening Miss CMEN Queen contest.

Many of the outfits are shared items that are available to everyone, allowing anyone interested the opportunity to compete in the Miss CMEN Queen contest.

For some, this is the first time to be dressed up in drag. Some believe it's a way of both being gay and expressing a contempt for clothes in general. The contest also allows people who are otherwise too shy to be a part of the on-stage fun.

Miss CMEN Queen 2014 Paul with runners upAll registered gathering participants are eligible to compete in the Miss CMEN Queen contest, except for past Miss CMEN Queen contest winners and professional drag queens.

Past Miss CMEN Queen Contests

  • Miss CMEN Queen 2015 was Todd S. from Polk City, FL.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2014 was Paul D. from San Diego, CA.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2013 was Drew S. from San Diego, CA.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2012 was Robert B. from Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2011 was Steve M. from Las Vegas, NV.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2009 was Friday D. from Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2007 was Mike S. from Long Beach, CA.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2006 was DC B from San Francisco, CA.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2005 was Philip T. from Oklahoma City.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2004 was Paul from Nevada.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2003 was Richard from New Jersey.
  • Miss CMEN Queen 2001 was Hayo from Los Angeles, CA.

Note: we are working to update the missing information on this page.

Other Contests

Other West Coast Gathering contests include Mr. Leather CMEN, Mr. Senior CMEN, and Mr. Bear CMEN.

Miss CMEN Queen 2004 Paul with other contestantsMiss CMEN Queen 2004 with Miss CMEN Queen 2003 and runners up Miss CMEN Queen 2005 Philip with runners up


Photography By: Jim Mc Donald and Rick B.
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