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Fall 2017 Social Hour & Evening Themes

Social Hour 2010Among the highlights of each day at the West Coast Gatherings are the late afternoon social hour parties and evening events.

Just for fun, the social hour parties and evening events have a different theme each day. While nudity is still the overall rule, gathering attendees are encouraged (but not required) to wear accessories that correspond to the theme for the social hour and evening.

Social hour "costumes" can range from a simple cap or hat to the outlandish.

Suggestions for themes for CMEN's West Coast Gathering 2017 were proposed by past Gathering participants. These suggested themes were reviewed and after months of deliberation the final themes for 2017 were selected:

Friday, September 1: Rainbows Forever. Wrap yourself in a Rainbow Flag... or don anything rainbowy!  Today, ANY color of the rainbow will do:  Are you feeling RED hot today?  Perhaps you're GREEN with envy?  Mellow YELLOW after a hot shower?  Feeling royal as PURPLE?  Show us a BLUE moon today!  ORANGE you glad you brought something colorful to the gathering?  After all, every rainbowed outfit has a SILVER lining! Wear a hat or other accessories that are your favorite color this evening.

Mardi Gras Social Hour 2001Saturday, September 2: Leather & Feathers. Will it be crotchless chaps or a tinsel-trimmed bodice with bedazzling inlays?  A traditional black leather vest or an ornamental ensemble garnished with extravagant feathers?  A sexy, shiny black harness with arm bands... or a lovely sequined evening gown? The Mr. CMEN contest will highlight the evening.

Sunday, September 3: Hawaii Five-Ho.The romance, music and foods from the Pacific Island state will transport our fantasies to a tropical paradise.  A beckoning drum and a faint Pacific Ocean breeze will add to the Hawaiian ambiance.  Come natively naked or wear a grass skirt.  Feeling piggie?  Come as the luau pig! ...and make sure you get lei'd at least once this afternoon!  Hula anyone?

Monday, September 4: Blue Monday. Feeling a little bit blue? It's Blue Monday; wear your favorite blue cap or hat, blue sandals or other blue accessories this evening. No need for anything as fancy as blue suede shoes.... How about your Navy dress blues... or your hospital scrubs today?  What will you be... a Smurf, the Cookie Monster or the Bluebird of Happiness!

Tuesday, September 5: Full Moon Saloon. The eclipse was so last month! Time for the full Harvest Moon over Malibu with a Western theme! Yippie Ay Yay! Let the cowboy in you shine like a rhinestone-studded Singing Cowboy -- or be as subtle as a bandana. Alternatively... grab a gingham picnic tablecloth and create an impromptu Cowgirl that would make Dolly herself blush!

Leathermen at leather theme social hour Spring 2003Wednesday, September 6: Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend! Dress to sparkle and shimmer this afternoon.  Perhaps you'll find paradise in a glorious ensemble, in a totally silly frock, or in the man wearing one.  The highlight of the evening will be the Miss CMEN Queen contest hosted by our favorite bitchy, big-bosomed lady-of-the-evening: Miss Ida Ho! 

Thursday, September 7: Ho, Ho Ho... It's Christmas in September. Santa and his reindeer cannot stand the cold weather at the North Poll all year around, so they decided to join us in sunny Southern California for the evening. Santa knows who has been naughty and nice! Come as one of Santa's helpers or as an elf, Mrs. Clause or the Grinch, a candy-cane or a snowman.  Santa's gifts to us will be all of the hot new men arriving for the weekend! Please bring a gag gift for the gift exchange which is planned for the social hour.

Friday, September 8: Leather Masters & Slaves. Yes Sir!  The masculine aroma of men in black leather fills the air.  Will tonight be the night of your fantasies?  Look your best in polished motorcycle boots, a black leather cap, armbands, a harness, and/or other leather accessories.  No need to dress fancy this afternoon: your outfit can be as simple as a leather c-ring! Demonstrations are scheduled throughout the day and the Mr. Leather CMEN contest will highlight the evening.

Hawaiian Luau Social Hour 2006Saturday, September 9: Flower Power and the Summer of Love. This evening we celebrate the 50th anniversary of 1967's Summer of Love!   Crotchless bell-bottoms with macrame belts will be all the rage!  We don't have to be in San Francisco to wear flowers in our hair this afternoon!  Wear anything Tie dye or be a beatnik.  Hippies will rule today so think Woodstock, Motown girl-groups, Hendrix and Joplin, or Dylan and Baez!  Can't fit into that Twigg-style super-tight mini-skirt?... Come as a VW bus instead! The emerging hippie lifestyle also meant living closer to nature and freedom from the constraints of clothing.

Volunteers are welcome to help with these and other proposed theme related evening activities, please note any special interest when sending in the registration form.

Sound like fun? Why not tell a friend? For further details contact CMEN at 1-877-NUDIST-1 (1-877-683-4781)



Photography By: Rick B.
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